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2-ingredient, Gluten-free Organic, Keto Coconut Tortillas

For delicious, yet healthy burritos, pizzas and even desserts


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With only 2 ingredients: coconut and sea salt. These pure and natural tortillas are the perfect Keto replacement for your lasagne, bread, pizza base, tacos and more! Totally gluten-free and "guilt-free".

2 tortillas of 23g

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Our Tortilla Coconut Breads are sourced and created with the highest standards.


Why consume it

Our coconut products will allow you to prepare the cleanest, most healthy meals, charged with natural MCT's and fibre, to make your keto meals more nutritious.

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Helps you reach ketosis by providing instant energy through its high content of MCT, naturally found in coconut meat.
Coconut wraps and tortilla bread are made of 99% coconut meat, which is naturally high in fibre, the one that helps control carbs and sugars absorption, avoiding blood sugar spikes, contributing to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.
Coconut wraps and tortilla bread are naturally low in carbs and sugars, this would allow you to manage your daily calorie intake.

Anything else?

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How are Ketonico Coconut Wraps and Tortilla Bread different from anything else on the market?
The wraps and tortillas you can find in supermarkets are loaded with gluten, rancid processed vegetable oils, preservatives and fillers. Our alternative contains only 2 ingredients 99% organic coconut meat, 1% salt and no preservatives.
When is the best time to consume Ketonico Coconut wraps and Tortilla bread?
Our coconut wraps and tortilla bread can be consumed anytime of the day as a healthy alternative to traditional wraps, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack.
Should i keep it refrigerated after opening?
No need to refrigerate, must be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat
Can my child consume this safely?
Absolutely! Our wraps and tortillas are safe and healthy for children to consume and they are the ultimate replacement for those who need to eliminate gluten from their diet.
What are the benefits of eating Ketonico Coconut wraps
You get to replace your existing wraps and tortillas with this keto, gluten-free option to prepare anytime of day with healthy tasty fillings of your choice.
What is the best way to use Ketonico wraps and tortilla bread?
You can enjoy them by filling them up with a healthy filling of your choice, for an ultra low-carb option.
Any additional tips for using this product?
In a hurry? You can eat these tasty wraps and tortilla bread as they are while on the move.

What's in it

Made with only 2 ingredients, 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and low carb, our coconut products will allow you to prepare the cleanest, most healthy meals, charged with natural MCT's.

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Organic coconut meat
pure organic coconut meat to give a creamy delicious texture and enrich the product with healthy fats and fiber.
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  • Helps you reach ketosis by providing instant energy through its high content of MCT fatty acids.
  • Improves your gut health due to its soluble and insoluble fibers.
Sea salt
to enhance flavour and provides sodium electrolyte.
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  • Sodium is a key mineral in the keto diet. It keeps electrolytes balanced and cells membranes functionality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Muy ricas para hacer fajitas con diversos ingredientes. Quizá algo escasa la ración.

Inma Lopez
laminas de coci

no es la primera vez que las compro, con mi problema de intolerancia a la fructosa y disbiosis intestinal me vienen bien. lo unico a mejorar es q las bolsas tienen el zip puesto demasiado bajo y una vez las abres ya no las puedes cerrar sin romperlas, con un par de milimetros mas arriba entrarian sin problema para que no se pongan duras

Belén Álvarez
Muy buenas

Las utilizo sobre todo como base para pizza y quedan genial. Muy recomendables.

Vanesa Farelo Cordobilla

Me ha gustado bastante, perfecto para quitarte el antojo de pizza, quizás algo pequeña de tamaño pero recomendable.

Muy ricas y veraatiles

Cubre mis necesidades de producto poco procesado sin mierdas añadidas. Bastante versátil. Lo usamos para Pic nic, comidas fuera o días q no hay nada cocinado en casa como vueltas de viaje. Ojalá pueda un poco más económico para tener mayor acceso.


We know traditional wraps and wheat tortillas can be such a convenient and satisfying meal. That's why we want you to keep enjoying your tasty filled wraps without any suffering or regrets thanks to our keto-friendly coconut wraps and tortilla bread.

Pita Bread Replacement

Replace your existing pita or flatbread with this keto, gluten-free option to fill it or topped with your favourite ingredients, and consume any time of the day.

Pizza Base

Use it as a pizza base by adding a spread of your favourite sauce and toppings, to enjoy a quick, healthy and low-carb meal in minutes.

Keto Cinnamon Rolls

Spread some of our organic ghee, add a sprinkle of cinnamon and erythritol, roll it up, put it in the oven, and voilá! keto cinnamon rolls in a minute.


This packaging is 100% compostable. Throw it with your organic trash or add it to your compost bin and watch it disintegrate!

coconut Tortilla Bread Chips

Cut coconut tortilla bread into smal pieces. In a hot pan fry both sides with coconut oil. Sprinkle erythtritol on top and eat as sweet and healthy chips.

Sweet roll

Spread you favourite keto nut butter into your coconut tortilla bread and roll. Enjoy a sweet and tasty snack in minutes.