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Begin your journey of a Better YOU, by understanding Nutritional Ketosis and the benefits it has for you!
Schedule your personalised 20 minute one-on-one video call consultation with one of our medical experts.

One-to-one video call consultation. 


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Meet our experts


Mª Belen Gallo

Specialized in Celiac Disease, Food Allergies, and Intolerances (FODMAP diet). After years of helping patients through digestive problems, Belén realized how harmful the regular supermarket products were, and how hard was to find natural, clean, and real products that had true benefits. That's why she decided to get involved in the NPD process and now dedicate herself to create safe and nutritious food with all the knowledge of a health professional.

Functional Medicine Coach

Dean Henry

Everything Dean does centres around the notion that wellness starts from within. Helping our beloved customers to achieve balance through natural means, be it lifestyle changes such as functional fitness, supplements or therapeutic nutrition. 

Dean is very passionate about all things health and wellness, including biohacking, health optimisation, peptides, gut health, navigating autoimmune issues, maximising sport performance and energy optimisation. Dean has been helping clients directly for more than 5 years with auto-immune issues, hormone imbalances,  achieving progress with gut health, energy, or skin, hair, and nails, he always strives to bring his customers the results they desire.

Co-founder & Visionary

Nico Andonakis

Having reversed diseases and disorders in his personal life through the implementation of the Keto Lifestyle, Nico then discovered that one of the biggest issues he faced was difficulties around emotional eating. His passion now is to share his learnings and experience to help as many people as many possible who also share this eating disorder.


Individualised advice

Improve heart health

Reduce blood sugar and insulin levels

Tailor made recipes and diet plan

Improve sleep

Fast track weight loss

Improve brain function

Increase physical performance


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