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SWEET OR SAVOURY SNACK PacKETO: Nut Butters + Organic Crackers

Easy, Creamy, Crunchy Snacks For Everyone


Love creamy snacks? Love crunch? We have married our crispy organic keto crackers to our creamy, delicious nut butters.

Just decide if you are team sweet choc hazelnut, team savoury salted caramel or team sweet+savoury!

Choose you pack between:

  • Salty: 1 x variety pack of crackers (3 boxes) + 1 salted caramel nut butter
  • Sweet: 1 x variety pack of crackers (3 boxes) + 1 chocolate hazelnut nut butter
  • Both: 1 x variety pack of crackers (3 boxes) + 1 salted caramel nut butter + 1 chocolate hazelnut nut butter
  • Super: 2 x variety packs of crackers (6 boxes) + 1 salted caramel nut butter + 1 chocolate hazelnut nut butter
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Our products are sourced and created with the highest standards.


Why consume it

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Weight Loss Weight Loss
Includes bone broth which can help you feel full despite its low-calorie content, making it an excellent choice for people following a weight loss diet plan.
Beauty Beauty
Bone broth is the perfect anti-aging solution, due it's high levels of collagen it can help maintain and improve hair, skin, nails and bone quality.
Gut Health Gut Health
Due to Bone Broth’s amino acid profile which consists of up to 19 different amino acids that include Glycine, Proline and Glutamine (all of which have a positive effect on your digestive tract),it can help repair your intestinal wall, improve nutrient absorption, and prevent inflammation.
Energy Energy
MCT oil powder included which provides immediate energy as it gets metabolised into ketones by the liver while helping maintain normal insulin and glucose blood levels
Brain Brain
Includes Lions Mane which is an ancestral root used for centuries due to its adaptogenic, energising and cognitive boosting properties.
Blood Sugar Blood Sugar
Includes Cinnamon which is well known to balance out blood sugar.

Anything else?

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How is this nut butter different from anything else on the market?
Our Nut Butters are unique as we use a special piece of technology which actually allows us to create our delicious products using raw nuts as opposed to temperature treated processes which significantly decrease the nutritional values of other typical nut butters you can find on the market.
When is the best time to consume this butters?
You can consume our nut butter anytime of day.
What is the layer of oil on top of the butter?
Unlike store bought nut butters, we only uses natural ingredients and processes. This will mean the ingredients can naturally separate over time, just give it a quick stir and it will mix together and be ready to serve
Should I keep Nut Butters refrigerated?
No need to refrigerate, just store and room temperature in a dry place
Can my child consume this safely?
Yes this is wonderful product for your children, and a great alternative to unhealthy processed nut butters found in supermarkets
Can I add nut butters to my smoothie?
Adding this delicious nut better to a smoother, does only improve the taste but enhances both the taste and health benefits
Any additional tips for using nut butter?
Try it in the afternoon to eliminate brain fog and overcome sweet cravings.
How is this cracker different from anything else on the market?
The crackers you can find in supermarkets are loaded with rancid processed vegetable oils, preservatives and fillers. Our alternative contains only real organic ingredients with no preservatives.
What are the benefits of consuming this product?
A healthy snack that helps support the digestive system, gut health and maintain your immune system, due to its high fibre content.
Any additional tips for using this product?
Crunchy foods such as these crackers are perfect for relieving stress and anxiety, due to they involve chewing for a longer time, making our face muscles work and release endorphins, just like a workout.

What's in it

You will not find anything unnatural, harmful or hidden in our products.

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Organic chia seeds
to enrich the product with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids
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  • Good source of plant-based omega-3 fats. These are essential fatty acids that help in the regulation of inflammation and bad cholesterol levels.
Organic golden linseeds
from organic farming to ensure a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, and soluble fiber.
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  • Full of omega-3 fatty acids to protect us from cardiovascular diseases, and boost our immune system.
  • Especially high in gums and soluble fiber, to feed your gut's bacterias and power up your digestive health.
Organic whole grain sesame seeds
whole, pesticide-free, raw sesame seeds in it's natural state for intense flavor.
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  • Rich in magnesium and calcium. Two essential minerals to your muscular and bone function.
Organic black sesame
for intense taste, color and high amounts of iron, zinc and magnesium.
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  • Contains high amounts of plant-based iron, which is fundamental to prevent anemia and ensure blood-oxygen transportation.
Organic sunflower seeds
in a raw state to preserve it's antioxidants and phytosterols.
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  • Helps in the control of the blood cholesterol levels preventing cardiovascular diseases, due to its high content of phytosterols.
Organic almond flour
gluten-free regular flour replacement, to give structure and crunch, apart of a high calcium content
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  • High in plant-based calcium, perfect to prevent deficiencies and maintain electrolytes balance.
Organic pumpkin seeds
whole pumpkin seeds, high in zinc and soluble fiber.
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  • Especially high in zinc, to regulate your metabolism and make your hair and nails grow stronger.
Organic coconut oil
pure coconut oil from organic farming, gently cold-extracted to maintain it's healthy fats and antioxidants.
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  • Rich in MCT oil fatty acids to help you reach a ketosis state and provide instant energy.
  • Provides vitamin E, which helps you fight against oxidative stress and inflammation.
Organic psyllium husk
directly from it's origin in South Asia, psyllium gives structure and texture due to it's high soluble fiber and gums content.
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  • Its soluble fiber is highly digestible and metabolized by our gut bacteria, maintaining proper digestion.
Organic bone broth powder
organic, grass fed, directly form the green pastures of Sweden to this crackers to increase the protein and collagen content.
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  • Source of pure collagen that improves skin moisture and density while making your hair, nails, and joints stronger.
to enhance flavour and provides sodium electrolyte.
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  • Sodium is a key mineral in the keto diet. It keeps electrolytes balance and cells membranes functionality.
Raw almonds
high in fibre, healthy fats, protein, vitamin E and magnesium. Helps maintain a healthy heart, blood sugar and protects against oxidative stress.
Raw cashews
provides a creamy finish to our nut butter, is rich in protein, healthy fats and antioxidants. Helps support a healthy heart and lowers LDL cholesterol.
MCT powder
our MCTs are extracted from coconut. It enhances ketone production and promotes fat loss due to the speed at which it is absorbed and metabolised into energy in the liver. Our MCT has high levels of C8 (caprilic acid) which is about 3 times more ketogenic than C10 (capric acid).
offers a slightly sweet taste. It has powerful antioxidant properties and may help balance blood sugar levels.
Lion's Mane
used in Eastern medicine for centuries, we include it for cognitive performance and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.
Cinnamon has a long history as a spice and medicine, we include it as a key ingredient and may help lower blood sugar and combat diabetes
Himalayan pink salt
has a high mineral content, keeps us hydrated, provides electrolytes and balances our metabolism.
pure coconut meat to give a creamy delicious texture and enrich the product with healthy fats and fiber.
raw hazelnuts to preserve its high content of vitamin B6, thiamine, niacin, phosphorus and magnesium.
derived from chicory root it's a 100% natural soluble fibre which has the highest prebiotic properties.
100% natural, low glucose index and zero-calorie sweetener from fermented fruits.
from whole cacao beans, charge with powerful antioxidants.
originated from South America, its known for its antioxidant and energetic properties.
ancestral root used by centuries for its adaptogenic, energizing and cognitive properties.

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Sweetness, crunch, and even a bit of salt! Imagine the combinations!

Our Favourite sweet & salty

Simply spread your favourite Ketonico (Kn) Nut Butter for a keto, delicious, creamy and crunchy snack.

Crunchy Crackers Dips

Mix your keto crackers with your favorite dips: guacamole, olives o red pepper.
Get creative!

Sweet and crunchy parfait

In a bowl mix coconut yogurt, Crackers, your favourite Ketonico (Kn) Nut Butter and add fresh berries for a creamy dessert or breakfast.

Choco Hazelnut Fatbombs

Mix in a cup: 3 tbsp ALMOND FLOUR3 tbsp NUT BUTTER CHOC HAZELNUTMIX until thickROLL by hand round shapesDIP in Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Chocolate mug cake

Mix in a cup: Erythritol + Egg + Chocolate Hazelnut Nut Butter. Add Crunchy crackers as toppings and salted caramel nut butter.

Sweet and sour dressing

Add as a dressing to your favorite salds a teaspoon of salted caramel nut butter + lemon juice. Try it and enjoy!

Top your snacks

Combine you favourite Keto Nut BUtter with some chocolate or fresh fruit for a snack full of energy and flavor