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World's only Chia keto Crackers with Bone Broth from organic pastures

to rejuvenate your hair, nails and skin, while protecting your gut


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O primeiro Keto Cracker do mundo infundido com caldo de osso em pó orgânico certificado. Então agora, cada vez que você come um lanche sem culpa, você está aproveitando todos os benefícios deste antigo tônico que é conhecido por apoiar a saúde intestinal, melhorar a digestão, aumentar os níveis de colágeno e mantê-lo com aparência e sensação mais jovem.

Esses Keto Crackers são a tela perfeita para mergulhar e são um excelente complemento para seus lanches com baixo teor de carboidratos.

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Por que consumir

All the crunch without the guilt of refined carbohydrates in these perfectly created keto-friendly crackers, loaded with essential nutrients.

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Bone broth is the perfect anti-aging solution, due it's high levels of collagen it can help maintain and improve hair, skin, nails and bone quality.
Due to Bone Broth’s amino acid profile which consists of up to 19 different amino acids that include Glycine, Proline and Glutamine (all of which have a positive effect on your digestive tract), it can help repair your intestinal wall, improve nutrient absorption, and prevent inflammation.

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What is Bone Broth and why is it included as an ingredient in this type of product?
Bone broth is a highly nutritious food source that is made by simmering certified organic, grass-fed cow bones and connective tissue for long periods. During this low - temperature simmering, all of the minerals, vitamins and collagen are extracted into the end result of a tasty soup. We then turn this liquid into powder and add it to the Chia Cracker so you get all of the benefits of this ancient, healing tonic.
What are the benefits of consuming Bone Broth?
Source of pure protein, amino acids and collagen that improves skin moisture and density while making your hair, nails, joints stronger and can radically improve gut health
How is this cracker different from anything else on the market?
The crackers you can find in supermarkets are loaded with rancid processed vegetable oils, preservatives and fillers. Our alternative contains only real organic ingredients with no preservatives.
When is the best time to consume this cracker?
You can consume our crackers any time of the day.
Can my child consume this safely?
Yes, this is a great healthy crunchy snack for your children to consume.
What are the benefits of consuming this product?
A healthy snack that helps support the digestive system, gut health and maintain your immune system, due to its high fibre content.
Any additional tips for using this product?
Crunchy foods such as these crackers are perfect for relieving stress and anxiety, due to they involve chewing for a longer time, making our face muscles work and release endorphins, just like a workout.

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Organic chia seeds
to enrich the product with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids
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  • Good source of plant-based omega-3 fats. These are essential fatty acids that help in the regulation of inflammation and bad cholesterol levels.
Organic whole grain sesame seeds
whole, pesticide-free, raw sesame seeds in it's natural state for intense flavor.
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  • Rich in magnesium and calcium. Two essential minerals to your muscular and bone function.
Organic sunflower seeds
in a raw state to preserve it's antioxidants and phytosterols.
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  • Helps in the control of the blood cholesterol levels preventing cardiovascular diseases, due to its high content of phytosterols.
Organic almond flour
gluten-free regular flour replacement, to give structure and crunch, apart of a high calcium content
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  • High in plant-based calcium, perfect to prevent deficiencies and maintain electrolytes balance.
Organic pumpkin seeds
whole pumpkin seeds, high in zinc and soluble fiber.
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  • Especially high in zinc, to regulate your metabolism and make your hair and nails grow stronger.
Organic coconut oil
pure coconut oil from organic farming, gently cold-extracted to maintain it's healthy fats and antioxidants.
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  • Rich in MCT oil fatty acids to help you reach a ketosis state and provide instant energy.
  • Provides vitamin E, which helps you fight against oxidative stress and inflammation.
Organic psyllium husk
directly from it's origin in South Asia, psyllium gives structure and texture due to it's high soluble fiber and gums content.
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  • Its soluble fiber is highly digestible and metabolized by our gut bacteria, maintaining proper digestion.
Organic bone broth powder
organic, grass fed, directly form the green pastures of Sweden to this crackers to increase the protein and collagen content.
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  • Source of pure collagen that improves skin moisture and density while making your hair, nails, and joints stronger.
to enhance flavour and provides sodium electrolyte.
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  • Sodium is a key mineral in the keto diet. It keeps electrolytes balance and cells membranes functionality.


An excellent addition to your low carb snacks that are a perfect canvas for you to enjoy with any dip or topping.


Spread your favourite Ketonico Nut butter over your Keto Cracker and enjoy!


Spread 1 teaspoon of organic ghee or grass-fed butter over your Keto Cracker with a pinch of salt and enjoy!


Break your Keto Crackers into small pieces and use them as croutons by sprinkling them over your salad.


If you're a crunchy addict, break your Keto Crackers into small pieces and use them as savoury crunch with our granola and sprinkling over your bowl of Greek yoghurt.


Spread grass-fed ricotta cheese on your Keto Cracker before adding a slice of smoked salmon. Finish by adding salt, pepper, fresh herbs and a dash of lemon juice.