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Chocolate and hazelnut cream

Creme de chocolate e avelã

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Você está procurando um creme de avelã para barrar na torrada como quando era criança?

Então esta deliciosa e saudável pasta de chocolate e avelã será uma ótima maneira de começar o dia com um sorriso.
A melhor parte? É pobre em carboidratos e açúcares, adequado para pessoas com doença celíaca e veganos.
A adição de fibras aos seus componentes também ajudará o bom funcionamento do sistema digestivo.

  • Kcal (477 Kcal)
  • Gordura (45 g), da qual saturada (11 g)
  • Carboidratos (32 g.) dos quais açúcares (1,5 g.)
  • Fibra dietética (8 g.)
  • Proteína (8g.)
  • Sal (0,9g.)
INGREDIENTES: Massa de cacau, eritritol, farinha de avelã, MCT em pó, fibra de acácia, manteiga de cacau, leite de coco e azeite.
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What are the uses of Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercream?
Chocolate Hazelnut spread is great for incorporating into your cakes, tarts, muffins, biscuits, toast, toast, and more.
Will it keep me in ketosis?
Yes, of course it will. Being low in carbohydrates and using a natural sweetener such as erythritol, it is an ideal spread for keto dieters.
Can everyone eat it at home?
Yes, it is a sweet and delicious spread for everyone at home to add to their daily routine.
Is it a product with preservatives or artificial flavours?
No, Ketonico Creams are free of preservatives, fertilisers or artificial

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Remember your childhood's favourite chocolate spread, now from wholesome and 100% natural ingredients.

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  • This sweetener belongs to the group of polyols, which are of natural origin and found in fruits and vegetables, as well as in some fermented products such as beer.
raw hazelnuts to preserve its high content of vitamin B6, thiamine, niacin, phosphorus and magnesium.
Translation missing: pt-PT.products.product.benefit
  • Improves metabolism and supports nervous system function.
Cocoa paste
Translation missing: pt-PT.products.product.benefit
  • Cocoa paste is what originates from the grinding and pressing of roasted dehulled cocoa beans. It has a dark brown colour, as well as an intense chocolate colour and flavour. Its texture can be either liquid or more solid.
Translation missing: pt-PT.products.product.benefit
  • MCT is extracted from coconut and functions as a carrier of special fats called medium chain triglycerides.
Acacia Fibre
Acacia fibre is a type of soluble fibre extracted from the sap of the acacia tree and promotes bowel regularity.
Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter has a mild chocolate aroma and taste. Cocoa is the only solid that melts into chocolate.
Coconut milk
Coconut milk is a source of vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6, and minerals such as iron, selenium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and, above all, calcium. It can also be used as a milk substitute for lactose intolerant people.
Hazelnut flour
Hazelnut flour comes from hazelnut powder which gives a creaminess and intense flavour together with cocoa butter.
Olive oil
A source of fatty acids such as omega-3, polyphenols and vitamin E; and a monounsaturated fatty compound, it helps control blood sugar and is an antioxidant.



Mix2 tbsp Almond flour, 2 tbsp bone broth powder, 2 tsp erythritol, 1 egg, 1/4 cup of almond milk. Add more almond flour if necessary. WHISK until smooth. POUR the batter onto a pan on medium low heat. COOK until bubbles start to form. FLIP AND REPEAT until golden. SERVE with your favorite toppings


Serve in a bowl yogurt and mix with berries and granola. Drizzle 1 tablespoon over 2 servings of Ketonico Crunchy Granola for a creamy, delicious texture.


Spread your favourite Ketonico Nut butter over your Keto Cracker and enjoy!


For this recipe you will need:

2 tbsp of Choc Hazelnut Nut Butter1 tbsp of coconut oil1 tbsp of almond milk3 tbsp of almond flour1 egg1 tsp of baking powder3 tbsp of erythritolInstructions:

Mix everything in a cup until smooth.
Add chocolate nibsBake 15 to 20 mins. in a pre-heat oven.
Add minced almond as toppingEnjoy!


For this recipe you will need:
3 tbsp Almond Flour3 tbsp Nut Butter Choc Hazelnut
Mix until thick.Roll by hand round shapesDip in Unsweetened Cocoa Powder


Add a tablespoon to your favourite smoothie for a boost of the tastiest, healthiest fats ever!


Remove the Keto Bar from the packet and place it on a serving plate. Drizzle our Ketonico Salted Caramel Nut Butter over the bar and finish by adding some dessicated coconut on top. Cut the Keto Bar into various pieces and serve.


Spread 1 tablespoon over your Ketonico Keto Bread.


Simply spread the nut butter on a wrap or tortilla, sprinkle as much granola as you like, and roll it up!