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Sugar-Free Keto White Chocolate Keto Chips

Menos de 1 Carbohidrato Neto

Sugar-Free Keto White Chocolate Keto Chips

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Real white chocolate comes from creamy cocoa butter and our white chocolate chips, with no added sugar, are no different. Each one delivers a smooth mouthfeel and just the right sweetness you need.

They're truly healthy: vegan, sugar free, low carb and gluten free - their formula couldn't be better!

100g / Only 1g net carbs per serving.

  • Kcal (584,26 Kcal)
  • Fat (59,89g)
    de las cuales saturadas (28,13g)
  • Carbohydrates (25,47g) 
    de los cuales azúcares (0,89g) de los cuales polialcoholes (24g)
  • Dietary fibre (4,22g)
  • Protein (7,32g)


  • Cocoa butter 35% 
  • Erythritol 
  • Almond Flour 30%.
  • Natural Vanilla 
  • Coconut milk 
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How is this bar different from anything else on the market?
They are handmade, made with the best vegan, sugar free, low carb and gluten free ingredients. Another remarkable feature is that they do not contain palm oil, which has saturated fats and whose consumption is associated with cardiovascular risks.
When is the best time to consume this bar?
Whenever you feel like it!
How many servings can I have daily and still maintain a state of ketosis?
As the net carbs are very low per serving it's very unlikely you will break ketosis or exceed your macros target with our bars
Can my child consume this safely?
Yes, they are intended for children and adults to enjoy.
What are the benefits of consuming this product?
In addition to being keto, vegan, sugar free and gluten free, they are also unique. Why is that? Because they are white, they are an excellent choice for adding to recipes and preparations that need to maintain the original colour of the mix.
Here's how to keep your white chocolate chips in perfect condition
Keep the chips in a cool, dry and shaded place. Cooking with them? White chocolate tends to bake at a slightly lower temperature than regular chocolate, so for best results, it's recommended that you don't exceed 375ºF.

What's in it

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Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter has a mild chocolate aroma and taste. Cocoa is the only solid that melts into the chocolate.
Erythritol is a sweetener that belongs to the group of naturally occurring polyols found in fruits and vegetables, as well as in some fermented products such as beer.
Almond Flour
- Source of monounsaturated fats
- Has magnesium
- Lower in net carbohydrates
- Source of vitamin E
- High in protein and fibre
- Almonds contain antioxidants
Natural Vanilla Extract
Vanilla is one of the most widely used flavourings in the world. It has about 200 volatile compounds that give it a wide variety of aromatic profiles. These vary according to the variety or type of cultivation.
Coconut milk
Coconut milk is a nutritious drink rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, with calories coming mainly from fat.

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Good quality chocolate is the best partner to help you go through a hard day.


Melt a piece of chocolate together with your favourite plant milk and a shot of coffee to have a sugar-free mocha.


Make it a fat bomb by cutting the bar in smaller pieces and use it to literally scoop some of our delicious Salted Caramel Nut Butter from the jar. Both textures and flavours will blow your mind.


Use the melted version of this amazing chocolate to create all your favourite desserts to impress your friends and family. Try it also as a healthy “nutella” to drizzle on top of your Keto Crackers.


Grate no-sugar chocolate into your bowl with yogurt, fruits and nut butter spread on top.