Anyone can create low carb products, there is so much more to our product formulation

Nice to feedN you -
Our collection of products

Our collection of keto staple products cover food, supplements, snacks and beverages, which will address key health objectives. Our first round of products already cover these objectives, while we are developing many more exciting products and recipes that are in the pipeline.


The team in charge of creating our products have one sole intention which is to develop recipes that fulfil their strict criteria of approval for both themselves and their young families. Simply put, if they will not consume the final product, it will not go to market.


The food we consume only sends 2 messages to the body and mind. It is either advantageous or not, there is nothing in between. Our objective is to ensure that the messages you receive are only conducive for improved health.

We dish you all the best - Best Ingredients

Our aim is to supply only the highest quality, naturally sourced products filled with the best ingredients on earth. Our products are quality tested for purity, heavy metals and pesticides with a view to offer a premium grade product with our clients health at the forefront.

If you don’t find it in nature, you won’t find it in our products!
This means that our products are naturally free from GMO´s, Gluten, Corn, Soy, Dairy as we understand the deep consequences of consuming these inflammatory foods.

NiceN to feed you - Our collection of products


We take our sourcing seriously. We source for the purest, cleanest ingredients from all over the world to ensure we are utilising the highest quality raw materials in our products. We have built a vigorous set of guidelines that our farmers, growers and producers need to adhere to in order for them to meet our criteria. All of our suppliers have acquired external certification including Fair Trade, Certified Organic and SMETA which cover both quality and ethical principles.

Some of our larger collaborations with suppliers include an allocation of dedicated percentages of their income going to social enrichment and community programmes to support the underprivileged in the communities they function in.

When you consume Ketonico products, not only are you investing in the longevity of your mind and body, but also for the humble farmers and their communities, thereby adding to the prosperity of our planet.


We combine traditional farming practices with state of the art equipment to produce a broad and diverse range of products. Our production partners own and operate modern facilities that are certified GMP, HACCP, BRC AA, ISO 22000, Kosher and Halal.

(Zero)N is one of our lemas

At Ketonico, we genuinely value what does not go into our products just as much as what we put in them. For this reason, you will never find ingredients that are keto friendly if they do not bring sustainable long term health goals. Say goodbye to peanuts, soy, dairy and vegetables oils such as palm, canola, sunflower and rapeseed.