Barefoot Talks: Martin Ekholm from Impact Barcelona

Barefoot Talks: Martin Ekholm from Impact Barcelona

With our first episode, we launch our web TV series Barefoot Talks with the visionary and co-founder behind our company: Nico Andonakis. throughout the series leaders in health, wellness and nutrition will lay bare their stories and share the intimate moments that has led them to where they are.

In this episode Nico interviews Martin Eckholm, the founder of Impact Barcelona, on his journey of discovery with 5 friends that led to launching an 8-week health education program. Designed by Martin, the program aims to unlock emotional intelligence, while optimizing vitality through serious of private and group-based workouts and meetings.

More episodes of the Barefoot Talks are coming soon. Do not miss any of them by subscribing to our official Youtube channel. And don't forget to click the 🔔 (bell) button.




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