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Easy to use Organic Bone Broth Gel from grass-fed cows

to improve your gut health and protect your joints


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Certified Organic & Grass Fed unflavoured Bone Broth Gel. A unique "heat & eat" option for those who want to enjoy their bone broth at home or on the go.

45 ml x 3 = 9 servings (2+ litres when mixed with water)

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Why consume it

A very EASY-TO-USE product to take with you anywhere on the go and enjoy all the benefits of the bio-available collagen, plus multiple minerals and amino acids.

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Bone broth is the perfect anti-aging solution, with a high levels of collagen which can help maintain and improve hair, skin, nails and bone quality.
Due to Bone Broth’s amino acid profile which consists of up to 19 different amino acids that include Glycine, Proline and Glutamine (all of which have a positive effect on your digestive tract), it can help repair your intestinal wall, improve nutrient absorption, and prevent inflammation.
The increase in collagen production helps strengthen and rebuild connective tissue which includes cartilage at the joints, tendons and ligaments.

Anything else?

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How is this Bone Broth Gel different from anything else on the market?
Our Certified Organic & Grass Fed Bone Broth Gel. A unique "heat & eat" option for those who want to enjoy their bone broth at home or on the go. Our broth has the highest amount of collagen protein in the market at 43%.
When is the best time to consume this Bone Broth Gel?
You can consume our Bone Broth Gel anytime of day.
Should I keep it refrigerated after opening?
No need to refrigerate, must be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat
Can my child consume this safely?
Our Bone Broth powder is safe and healthy for children to consume.
What is the source of the Bone Broth Gel?
From certified organic grass fed cows to ensure our broth is high in all the key nutrients and amino acids, and mitigates the concern of toxins that’s found in non-organic broth.
What are the benefits of taking Bone Broth Gel?
Source of pure protein, amino acids and collagen that improves skin moisture and density while making your hair, nails, joints stronger and can radically improve gut health
What is the best way to use this Bone Broth Gel?
You can use it as a base ingredient for your dishes or simple as instant soup with hot water. See Quick Uses for ideas and recipes.
Can I add it into a smoothie with other supplements?
Yes this combines perfectly with other supplements and It helps enhance both the flavour and protein consumption.
Why is it so important that Bone Broth is certified organic?
Bone Broth cannot be deemed a health product unless it's both certified organic & grass-fed. Our broth is free from the toxins that you will usually find in non-organic bone broth as these animals can store heavy metals & pesticides in their bones which would then leach into the broth. We are proud to go the extra mile to insure you have the cleanest healthiest bone broth that's available.

What's in it

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Organic bone broth gel
100% organic and grass-fed, concentrated bone broth gel, slowly cooked to ensure a high protein and collagen content.
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  • Improves skin moisture and density while making your hair, nails, and joints stronger, due to its source of pure protein and collagen.
  • Improves gut health, by helping restore the connective tissue and permeability of the intestinal barrier.
to enhance flavour and provides sodium electrolyte.
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  • Sodium is a key mineral in the keto diet. It keeps electrolytes balanced and cells membranes functionality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ana Gomez

Muy practico. Facil y rapido preparar un caldo. Calma el hambre cuando dan atasques de hambre. Facil de llevar a la oficina y de viaje. Muy apañado

Yolanda Matilla
Ingredientes inmejorables

Ingredientes naturales y además el formato es ideal para llevar y consumir en cualquier sitio... Sabor riquísimo 😋

Ana Pgv

Ha sido lo mejor que he probado de esta marca. Es muy útil. Yo lo uso para casi todo para darle un toque extra de proteína. En sopas, guisos, salsas, purés… me ha encantado


Es muy rápido de preparar, yo caliento agua, le pongo el caldo y un huevo dentro y ya tengo una cena keto saludable.


Ha sido un gran descubrimiento para los dias que como fuera de casa. Muchas gracias.


This is the most versatile bone broth on the market and can be used in multiple keto-friendly recipes. Get creative and play with it!

Instant mug of broth

Simply add 2 teaspoons (or more if desired) into a mug of hot / warm water, stir and enjoy for an instant cup of bone broth goodness.

Salad dressing

Simply add 2 teaspoons (or more if desired) into a mixing bowl with olive oil and lemon. Mix all the ingredients together and pour over your salad. Feel free to add other herbs and spices as desired.

Add to your favourite meal prep

Simply add 2 teaspoons (or more if desired) into the mix when you prepare your next meal such as curries, stews and more!

Use as a stock

Simply replace your regular chicken or beef stock with 2 teaspoons (or more if desired) the next time you prepare a meal.


Make a nice hot cup of broth, drop in half an avocado, allow the broth to infuse the avocado then simply eat with a spoon and the drink down the remainder of the broth for a low calorie, filling afternoon pick me up!