The Keto Diet: An Ally Against COVID

The Keto Diet: An Ally Against COVID

Article written by Dr. Santos Martin, an oncologist specialized in the application of the ketogenic diet against pathologies.

Just as it starts to seem that we had COVID under control, the rate of infections in some countries have begun to rise to the same levels as we experienced during the worst moments of the pandemic. Much is written about the causes of this and what to do while those infections increase.

The danger of chronic inflammations

People with obesity, hypertension, type II diabetes or kidney failure are amongst those least protected against a COVID infection because there is chronic inflammation behind the problems associated with their conditions: sedentary lifestyle, low muscle mass, poor lung ventilation, lack of micronutrients and other factors allow that, if there is infection, can trigger an intense inflammatory process.

In addition, body’s entryways for viruses (the famous S-Pike protein), ACE2 receptors, are found in abundance in fatty tissue. And in cases of high blood sugar levels there is data which indicates that these receptors are increased in the kidneys, heart, lungs, brain, intestines and inside blood vessels. If we look at the causes for which patients are admitted to ICUs, as well the symptoms of COVID, we see that they are focused on these organs. So many deaths have made this more than clear.

The more sugar, the more risk

The receptors to which the COVID-19 virus binds, trigger a series of modifications in the metabolism of different tissues, that compounded with high levels of sugar and its consequent damage to the body, amplifies the infection from a more or less strong flu, to one with multiple reactions, especially in the lungs and circulation, which are the main causes of serious cases that end up requiring respirators and ICUs due to pneumonia and vascular problems.

Whereas much ahs been said about what one can do to avoid getting infected (masks, number of people in closed spaces, ventilation, etc.), unfortunately, very little, if anything, has been said about what to do to avoid ending up in the hospital if infected. Based on the aforementioned, it is logical that lowering our blood glucose levels, losing a few kilos, and improving our physical condition and muscles is essential would help

The role of keto

To reduce weight and lower blood glucose, there is nothing better than the ketogenic or a low-carb diet. In addition, if we play some sports, the effects on the blood can be seen in a few days.

"In ketosis, viruses cannot easily replicate."

With or without a vaccine, ketones modulate the body's immune metabolic response producing controlled responses. Furthermore, in ketosis, viruses cannot easily replicate. In this state we can still get infected, but it would be normal for the disease to pass without major complications.

We can generate ketones on the Keto diet (by reducing sugars) and/or taking medium chain triglycerides/fats (MCT) which, after consumption, are transformed in the liver into ketones that produce the aforementioned protective effects.

Also"How to take powdered MCT oil"

How to combat the side effects of the vaccine

MCT oil is not only important for protection against severe COVID infections. The existing vaccines against this virus are based on generating the information that S-Pike proteins produce in the body. It is a controlled infection and therefore, the generous use of MCT oil the days before vaccination and up to 14 days after, a period in which we find most of the side effects from vaccines, can be a good measure.

Personally, I would be interested to know if people with high levels of ketones produce greater immunity and for a longer period, after the vaccine or the disease.

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